Sins of the Father

Session 3: Oregon Trail Hell

Are we there yet?

After dispatching the lizardman leader of the bandits, our heroes continue on towards the city of Redglade. Unfortunately, it seems the trail is not going to be an easy one. Just as the group begins to settle in for a night’s rest, one of the horses pulling the wagon cries out. Ubee manages to stabilize the horse with some quick thinking and natural herbs. Meanwhile, Jamfalcon finds two deep puncture wounds on the horse’s neck. It appears that the beast has lost quite a bit of blood. The party dispatches the unfamiliar attacker quickly. Not even Zabra is familiar with this creature. She claims that it is a vampire kobold (which of course would be silly). Our heroes check the scene for clues and find the tracks of what appears to be a small bipedal reptilian creature. Ubee’s companion, Timber the Wolf reacts negatively to the very scent of the attacking beast.

Jamfalcon and Ubee track the beast to the edge of a wooded area where a dryad lays near death. She mutters to them about a woman going crazy in the wood and begs the adventurers to find her tree. The party is convinced that this is some sort of fey trickery and returns to the wagon to get Zabra’s thoughts. She confirms that dryads can be very manipulative and urges the party to continue on past the attack site. After a couple of hours a creature latches itself to Ubee’s back. It appears to be the same creature that had attacked the horse earlier, possibly its mate. After a tough battle, the party puts it out of its misery and decides that they need to find where these creatures are coming from so they can put an end to it.

Our heroes head into the wooded area which is eerily silent. The very woods appear to be shifting around them. Something is very off. After navigating through the woods for a few hours, Zabra spots a small humanoid creature ducking off into some bushes. She runs after the creature only to end up in a camouflaged pit. The brave Jamfalcon quickly comes to her rescue. Eventually the party finds a clearing with a very large and sickly tree. It appears to have been supernaturally blighted. As Zabra begins to consider the situation, a crazed halfling woman appears in the clearing claiming that they have invaded her forest and murdered her pets. The woman appears to be a powerful magic user of some type. Zabra (aka Bat-wizard) tosses a thunderstone at her to disrupt her spellcasting. The mage quickly finds her end which restores the tree to full health and the dryad tied to it. She thanks the heroes and aids them in leaving the forest.

One last situation presents itself as the heroes return to the wagon. It appears that two of the bandits from the lizardman’s camp have come to take revenge by holding the family hostage. Ubee and Zabra quickly combine their magical abilities to form an illusory dragon to frighten the bandits off. With this situation resolved, the heroes are finally able to make their way into Redglade.



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