Population: 8512 (large% of humans, small% of halflings,gnomes, dwarves)

Alignment: Unaligned

Patron Deity: Pelor

Ruler: Mayor Wellington (Human)

Captain of the Guard: Donald Blake (Human)

Taverns: The Clueless Dragon, Wanda’s B&B

Store: General Store, The Little Tragedies Magic Shop (Grelka Hogsplitter – Gnome), Stormbreaker Arms

Places of Interest: Mayoral Residence, Guard Academy, Winderton Primary School, The Sakaarn Express, Wanda’s B&B, City Hall

Temples: Temple to Multiple Deities (Pelor, Melora, Erathis), Avandra’s Temple

Sakaarn was once a small village of little interest to anyone. Then two Gnome sisters settled there to open up their own magic shop, known as The Little Tragedies Magic Shop. The shop quickly prospered and brought new growth to the town attracting people from all over to settle there. Over time it has become one of the most magically advanced cities in Lerune.


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